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Be at peace with yourself

If you want to live a peaceful life you have to not care what others think of you. If you want to live a peaceful life you have to accept people for who and what they are and deal with them accordingly. Stop stooping down to people's level seeking revenge because they hurt you. Karma is real. They will get what's coming to them and you don't have to lift a finger or stress yourself out.

Don't block your blessings trying to hurt someone more than they hurt you. People are always going to have something to say about you. No matter what you do whether it's good or bad someone will always have something to say. Live your life the way you see fit. Be at peace with not giving a fuck about people's opinions. When you start caring about what others think about you you start making yourself crazy.

Misery loves company. Don't allow anyone to steal your joy. Don't allow anyone to bring you out of character. Don't allow anyone to affect your energy. Believe me it's hard to not react to people's opinions. I definitely want to go ham and defend myself but I had to realize there's truly no point. People are going to believe what they want to believe about you. People would rather believe negative about you than positive.

Let people live in their imagination. Don't defend yourself. It's not your job to defend yourself. People's perception of you is a reflection of them and their insecurities. Above all else make sure you're living for you and not someone else.

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