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Deal with your demons

If you don’t deal with your demons you’ll never move forward in life. You’ll always be at a standstill. More importantly, you’ll always be toxic to the people you’re around. You can’t help anyone see that they’re the toxic one, they truly have to realize it for themselves so they can get the help they need. Everyone will realize what they need to realize when it’s time for them to realize it. Everything happens for a reason. No matter how much you love a person you can’t shed your light on their negative energy when they’re not ready to receive it. You don’t have to stick around a person because you have a history with them. If someone is miserable let their asses be miserable by themselves. It doesn’t take away from the love you may have for them. It’s just putting your peace first. There’s only so much you can do for a person who wants to stay miserable. Put you first.

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