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Not enough people are doing the MATH when it comes to growing a service based business, so let me paint a picture for you.

If you are a done-for-you service provider like marketer, social media manager, OBM, VA, web designer, etc....

You need to pay yourself a salary of at least 75k annually. The goal should be to pay yourself 100k.

In order to do this, your business needs to make over 200k... here's why:

You have to take into account taxes, tools, retirement savings, healthcare and other business expenses, plus investments in growing your business.

And if you want to have good mental and physical health and not be overwhelmed, stressed and all over the place, you will at some point need to hire an the very least.

In order to pay yourself a decent salary within your own business, you need to focus on more premium clients.

You also need to be forecasting your sales, your promotional activities.

Too many women are just winging it each month with no process or structure in place to grow their business.

It's like....let's see what happens this month....

That is not a strategy.

And that's why I'm so excited to really go deep with our clients inside of the Girls Division Sisterhood program.

It's about creating a business and life that is in alignment more than anything!

To learn more about this high touch coaching program, visit today.

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