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Social media can be a dangerous place if you allow it to be. We get so caught up with what everyone else is doing and how everyone else is living and forget about our shit that happens in real life. It's okay to scroll through, comment and like a few posts. It's okay to connect with with family & friends. It's okay to network. What is not okay is envying someone else's life. Surprise! We are all a hot mess just trying to keep it together on a daily basis.

What you see on social media is the finished product. You don't see what people went through to get to where they are now. The perfect life doesn't exist. You don't have to kill yourself to look like someone else. The perfect body doesn't exist. None of us are perfect. None of us have perfect bodies. Most of us are mothers and we been through some shit throughout our mom journey. Half of these "perfect bodies" are photoshopped. Half of these "perfect bodies" are BBL's. Why do you want to look like everyone else? Why are you not happy with you? It's deeper than social media.

Why do you feel the need to compete with Instagram models? Is there some sort of trauma going on you're dealing with from your past? We are all uniquely designed. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with surgery but if you're getting surgery because you want to look like someone else and have their body type you should definitely do some soul searching and some healing. Having surgery because you actually need it health wise is fine. Having surgery because it'll boost your self esteem is also fine.

I think before any major surgery is done you should definitely take time to research the pros and cons. You should definitely take the time out to make sure you're doing this for you and not someone else. Social media has made it so difficult to love yourself for who you actually are. We are all so busy trying to out do others. It's okay to not be okay. It's okay to not have a Benz. It's okay to not have a flat stomach. It's okay to have a flat ass. It's okay to not have double D's. It's okay to be who your are. Your authentic self is so much better.

Even if someone is living their best life with their version of the perfect body that should have no control over how you view your life and body. Find happiness with all you are. Find happiness in the process. The thing about people on social media is we don't know half of the people we follow. Getting motivated to be healthy because you see someone with a nice body is great. Getting motivated because you see someone with the car you want is great but again no need to be envious. A lot of the times we don't get what we want because we are not appreciating what we have. A lot of the times we don't get what we want because we want to take the easy route we don't want to put in the work.

You see people with nice ass bodies but they're putting in the work health wise to maintain it. Even if someone had surgery they have to put in work to maintain the new body. Someone driving an expensive car had to put in work to get that shit. Someone's business doing great is because they put in the work and made sacrifices. If you're not willing to make sacrifices for what you want don't sit there and be envious of others who are putting in the work.

Life is hard enough without all the extra shit. Get out your head sis. Do you lack self confidence? Do you lack drive & motivation? Are you struggling to find your purpose? The Girls Division Sisterhood is ready to help. Surround yourself with like minded women ready to free their true authentic self. This virtual community of women are ready, willing and able to adjust your crown. Don't let anymore time pass you by. The time is now sis. Let's build you up.

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