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What goes around comes around

You are not exempt from karma. If you do negative things to people karma is definitely going to get you. You can’t lead a blessed life doing messed up things to people. Even if someone has done something bad to you, seeking revenge against them will surely wake that karma angel. The negative people do to you is their karma, the way you choose to react is yours.

The best thing to do when someone does something bad to you is to walk away. You don’t have to deal with a person who does you wrong. You always have a choice in life. You can choose to be treated badly or you can choose to let go. Sometimes you want to see the good in someone so you let the mess they do slide. I’ve stated this before in one of my previous blogs, you can forgive a person without dealing with them anymore.

Forgiveness is for you. There’s no need to hold a grudge against someone for something they did to you. There’s also no need to seek revenge against a person because they’ve wronged you. What goes around will always come around, no matter the situation, no matter your reasoning. Don’t ever lower yourself out of anger. Stay positive and focused at all times.

Sometimes it’s the person you least expect that does you wrong. No matter who the person is or how long you’ve known them, if they have wronged you in any way its best not to get involved in the revenge game. You won’t get your blessings if you’re moving grimey like them. Choose being blessed over revenge.

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